About Kai and her team

Kai has been writing code since primary school where her teacher discovered the quickest way to get her to stop being a smart alec and just do the work was to look at the BASIC language programming tutorials and give her the chance to then give her the extra credit ones. As she moved through to high school, she kept programming, and write games for her Amstrad (it had a tape deck!) and other sites.

Having frequently joked she could remember dialing into bulletin boards when the internet was in its infancy, Kai’s been around online for a LONG time. And loves languages so has taken it upon her to study them and learn herself. Since starting with Hosting For Writers, Kai has learned to code in Perl, PHP, CSS and HTML, Ruby on Rails. Javascript and more, just to ensure she can undo hacks on WordPress or other database based sites. She currently keeps her hand in coding at CarpeCodiecem, where she talks pentesting and interesting stuff in infosec, and a tonne of other projects that she’s involved in, including the formation of Kintsugi Consortium.

it’s not just been great for her coding though. She’s also had many opportunities to use it in other places – from Livejournal and Blogger templates to self-publishing, which she’s been involved in (both blogging and self-publishing) since 2004. Had she known then what she knows now, she’d have gone ahead and written the book about publishing and blogging and been at the top of her game still, but it’s still a lot of fun.
Kai is heavily involved in the self-publishing industry (she co-founded and hosts The Indie Author Group) and the infosec community, and once she works out a solid way to bridge both of them into something sensible that can be used by others, then she’ll be happiest of all.

Kai’s team consists of Jessie (Billing), Joshua (level 1 support) or the WonderTwins as she calls them and herself. She’s training up several people on the app system and her business partner was once infosec too, so she thinks it’ll be pretty easy to bring her onboard.

Watch this space!