While we are moving to a faster server, you may see the old (this) site!

Our new site, tutorials and more will be available soon.

But, until then, you can head straight on through to our hosting options and grab hosting, design, moves from Blogger to Wordpress and formatting for beautiful ebooks on all platforms.

HostingForWriters is a WordPress optimized hosting company, designed especially to host those who need a little bit of extra support, blazing fast speeds and an effective, supportive community - we offer everything from hosting and hands-off but on hand to answer hosting questions for normal accounts, to full maintenance and install projects, to suit every need, pocket and technical skill.  All that matters is your site - if you're happy, we'll make sure you stay that way.

Our billing system is here, and our new offers launch soon.

We also offer a 5% affiliate scheme - refer users to our services and earn 5% on various terms within the system!

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